The Silver Mountain DVD – A Reunion Live
September 4th, 2010 at Friluftsteatern,
Malmö, Sweden will be available here very soon!

In May 2010 a group called ”We who want to see Silver Mountain in Pildammsparken in August” was started. When the group had about 400 members, Jonas Hansson felt that maybe they should do that since Friluftsteatern in Pildammsparken was where Silver Mountain kind of started and did their own shows in the pophappy Sweden. Liverecordings from these early shows has circulated among fans for years. The show in 2010 was a success and a lot of old and new fans showed up at the amphitheatre. Luckily for them, Jonas had gathered several members from different eras of the band. Members from all the Silver Mountain albums where participating. When the line-up from 1979 came on and did the cult single ”Man of no present existence”, the crowd just drewled in nostalgia.
Songs from Shakin brains,Universe,Roses&Champagne,Breakin’Chains and also two covers Strange kind of woman and The show must go on. The concert was filmed with five cameras and recorded on a 24-track unit. With 117 minutes of music, this DVD is the ultimate tribute to the days when this kind of music wasn’t labeled and when Silver Mountain paved the way for a new era!

Artists on the DVD:
Jonas Hansson / Guitars & Vocals
Per Stadin / Bass
Erik Björn Nielsen / Keyboards
Mårten Hedener / Drums
Mats Bergentz / Drums
Christer Mentzer / Vocals
Catherine Hansson / Vocals
Morgan Alm / Guitars
Ingemar Stenquist / Bass
Johan Dahlström / Vocals

117 Minutes
Available in both PAL & NTSC


Prophet of doom
Keep on keepin’ on
Destruction song
Shakin’ brains
Handled Roughly
Forest of cries / Paris
Axeman and the virgin
Man of no present existence
King of the sea
Before the storm
Down town junkie / Always
Walking in the shadow
Strange kind of woman / Haywire
Show must go on