First of all, you mind your own business. Then log on to Facebook. Look around. When you find the group called ”We who want to see…..(band name) at Friluftsteatern, Pildammsparken, Malmö, Sweden in August 2010, you laugh and shout out loud: -Eller hur?! (A sarcastic ”Yeah,Right!”). After a couple of days you might notice that the group has hundreds of members….hmm….So if people want you to play again after 22 years of silence…..then maybe you should. Ok…so call the bandmembers to see if it is possible. Well, call ALL old bandmembers and put together a Badass Multireunion so people can drewl in nostalgia! If you are lucky, you’ll have 10 people in the band. Rehearse a couple of times (or more if needed). Perform the show with different line-ups. Film it all with 5 cameras….Mix all 20 songs and cut 20 videos…phew! If everything goes as planned, you will now have a 117min long KickAss DVD…..:) Release it and feel accomplished! Now you can mind your own business until the next time you log on!